Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME]

Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME]
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Unofficial Remake

Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME] is an older Fnaf fangame not made by Scott Cawthon. It is only a re-upload! So, credits will belong to the owner and creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, a popular horror series. Especially, you will not start the new challenge like a night guard. Your mission in Unofficial Remake will be revealed once you embark on that story. Indeed, you do not have to defend the office from lurking cunning monsters as before. But, you will play the available Alpha 1 as an Animatronic! Not only that, you are allowed to roam throughout every dark area in the haunted building your way. If you want to know your task, you’d better hop into the first zone in Sinister Turmoil from now on. Lots of secrets are waiting for you to expose. Try to perform your action carefully in every situation or you can be harmed! Good luck!

Alpha 1 [OLD]
Physics Demo

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