Foxy Hungry Trash

Foxy Hungry Trash
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Here comes an exciting FNaF game that you should try out for further challenges and funny moments. Play Foxy Hungry Trash for free online right now and test your skills with it! There are three animatronics you are going to play with, including Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. They are main animatronics longing for tasty foods, and you have to feed them with the food they want. The food is divided into three kinds, Trash for Chica, Recycle Items for Bonnie and Compost for Foxy. You should memorize all the foods at first to avoid making mistakes while playing. You need to drag the accurate food to the animatronic that you want to feed with, if you select the wrong one, your score will be decreased, which means that the waste point bar will be filled up, and if it’s full, your game will be over! Let’s enjoy the game right now and see how many scores you earn!

How to play

Use the mouse to drag items and food to the animatronics in the game

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