Ennard’s Night

Ennard’s Night
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Ennards Night

Download an epic FNAF Fangame called Ennard’s Night and have your abilities ready to get through all the horror challenges. You are going to join another spooky adventure where you face off against merciless animatronic robots. Just like the original FNAF games, you will be taken to a fictional building and start working as a night guard for 6 hours, from 12 AM to 6 AM. You have to make sure everything at this place is completely safe. However, this job has never been easy to complete because you will get disturbed by the animatronic gang. They are malfunctioned creatures roaming through the building at night, and they don’t like your presence. You’d better utilize the cameras with other items available around you to conquer these creatures before they have a chance to kill you. Let’s kick off this adventure now then see if you can make it till the end! Wish you luck!


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